A Robot that allows you to paint with your eyes



Researchers from Imperial College London have made a robot that allows you to paint the picture by tracking your eye movements. This is a very good project that may give painter more option, as they can paint by using their eye’s movements.

Aldo Faisal, the developer of this robot said, “Augmentation of the human body with an extra pair of limbs is technically feasible in terms of the robotics end of things, so we can mechanically attach these types of limbs, but the challenge is if you’re controlling a third arm, you want it to be natural, seamless and you don’t want to think about it,”

This robot comes with an eye tracker, which follows the eye movements including blinks and gazes. This information then allows the robot to decide where it has to take the brush paint on the page and this also help robot in selecting colors.

Faisal said that actually this tech is decodes the person’s movements that let the robot decide the intention. He also added that the program of this robot is well enough to paint a picture. Though the resulting image is not that good, but it shows that robot can paint.

Still this project is in early phase, but it shows that the robot can be used for other purposes by making some changes to its design like one can add some additional parts augmented limbs. If you want to watch the video of this robot, click here.