Ringo – calling overseas can’t get cheaper!


Bingo! Ringo is now in India.

Ringo, the no-internet-required international voice calling app, after setting its foot in 16 countries globally has now been launched in India. The app is now available for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Ringo app

The international voice calling app does not require internet data/3G or Wi-Fi to make calls. This feature makes this app stand out from the rest. The company claims, the call costs 70% lesser than the standard rates charged by the telecoms without compromising on the quality of the call.


To make calls using Ringo app is as easy as a pie. All you have to do is to download the Ringo app and create an account. Then, go through the verification process through the automated call you get. The app automatically synchronizes your contact list and shows the country flag along with per minute rate to every person in the contact.

The voice call app currently offers free credit ranging from 50 paise to Rs.30 to test its services with which you can easily talk for 20 mins to UK or USA. The Ringo Wallet can be topped-up from Rs.25 to Rs.250 to use further. The payment can be done through credit card, Paypal, debit card or even through netbanking.  Since the rates are displayed next to the contact, it lets you calculate how much the call would cost, simplifying your calling experience.

The rates are not only lesser when compared to Telcoms like Airtel and Vodafone but it is also around 20% cheaper than Skype or Viber. For instance, Indian callers are charged Rs.1.08/minute to call landline/mobile in USA, China or Canada and around Rs.8/minute to UAE.


On the other hand, this cost effective app does not allow its users to make domestic calls. Also, it definitely demands a smart phone to use the app which does not make it friendly to the non-smartphone users (India still has a huge population of them).

The user-friendly app has a simple and unique call flow mechanism that converts international calls to local calls thereby allowing the users to call overseas at an unbelievable rate. When a caller calls to UK from India, the app automatically converts it into a local call for the Indian user and as another local call to the UK user. The two local calls are then connected through carrier circuits.

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Ringo (founder of Directi) believes this simple mechanism app would change the way India communicates. He also says, in a country where consistent internet connectivity is still a far cry, Ringo offers the perfect and reliable solution to stay in touch with family or friends overseas  at a low-cost.

The news of introducing Ringo in India would certainly be a treat to ears of those who have family and loved ones abroad to stay connected always. This is expected to disrupt India’s market for overseas call which is huge. So watchout Airtel, Vodafone and other telecoms.