Ricoh launches its 360-degree camera Theta S at Rs.39,995



Ricoh India has launched a new 360 degree camera named Theta S with price tag of Rs. 39,995. This camera is the latest model in Theta series of Ricoh. This camera can capture 360 degree video around user.

This Ricoh Theta S camera can capture Ultra HD fully spherical photos and videos in one shot. This camera features dual 1/2.3 12M CMOS sensor and F2.0 lens, which allows you to capture high quality photos and videos. This 360 degree camera can capture pictures and videos of up to 14 Mega Pixel. The camera can also capture pretty decent images in low light environment.


The Ricoh Theta S can capture full HD videos at 30 frames per second for maximum of 25 minutes. The device comes with 8 GB of internal storage space. This 360 degree camera from Ricoh also comes with a companion app named Theta for Android and iOS platform. You can use your smartphone to control the camera and it also allows you to see photos and videos you have taken with this device.

This device also features a photo editing app named Theta+, which allows you to edit photos taken from Theta S camera. You can also upload these photos and videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. In addition to social media platform, these contents can also be uploaded on Google Maps and YouTube 360-degree channel.

Interested persons can buy this 360-degree camera from Amazon India or some selected Ricoh resellers in the country. The company is allowing its customers to pay Rs. 7,199 for pre-bookings, whereas rest of the amount can be paid later. The company will start shipping this camera from December.