Rhapsody launches new Android app with more features and attractive design




Rhapsody is a music streaming service provider and it was launched back in December 2003. This is one of the oldest music streaming services and it also gives subscription for internet based radio stations. Now a day, this music streaming services has tough competition from other music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music and some other. So now, Rhapsody is panning make its music streaming services better to attract more viewers.

The company has launched a new Android app, which has better look and even better features. The main features of this new updated app is the mini player, by using which you can change and favorite tracks without stopping your current work.

It looks pretty clear that Rhapsody is modifying its music streaming service to be in the race with this new redesigned app, it certainly give its user more attractive way to listen the music. The app looks more modern than ever and its better and attractive visual experience, as it comes with a new feature named dynamic background colors, which changes its color based on the album you are playing. This new app also comes with “New for you” page, which allows user to see the more personalized album releases to keep you updated. Currently this Rhapsody is now not so much better, that you should switch it for other services like Spotify, but if you are using Rhapsody music streaming services, then it is a treat for you. Don’t worry, iOS users, you’ll also get the updates in near future.