Review of the Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster


The keyboard generally coming with the device is usually enough, but the many users, who are searching for some other keyboards which has offering extra additional features. There are so many third party keyboards available for Android users and some of them are terrific. Now here we are providing some of the  best keyboard apps which are available for Android in the Google Play Store, I hope, in between of these some of the keyboard will suits you better because different user has different needs.

List of Best Keyboard Apps for Android to Type Faster

Swype Keyboard

The Swype Keyboard is a paid app. This app is used by the 250+ million users. This app provides you the most accurate gesture keyboard for your Android Smartphone. This app is offered the better, faster keyboard experience that gets smarter the more you use it. The Swypeh has pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from device to device. The Swype now lets you enter words from two languages at once! Words suggested by Swype will automatically adjust to your bilingual language preferences. The app is available in Google Play Store at  $3.99. You can download this app from here!


Features : 

  • Swype lets you customize your keyboard including long-press delay, vibration duration, keyboard height and mini left/right keyboards in landscape mode.
  • Swype supports Android’s “Talkback” and “Explore by Touch” accessibility features. When accessibility features are enabled the user’s entered text will be spoken back.
  • wype can predict commonly used words and phrases such as “Best of the Best,” “Return of the Jedi”, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and “Dancing with the Stars.”
  • Swype supports more than 71 downloadable languages and 20 dialects.

SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey Keyboard is an intelligent app for Android devices which upgrades your device’s on-screen keyboard, by making it faster and easier for you to type. You can customize the look of your keyboard with free and premium themes from the SwiftKey Store. The App is very smart and learning, multi-lingual, you can enable up to three languages at once. The app is supports multiple number of languages. You can download this free app from here!

swiftkey-keyboard appFeatures :

  • Intelligent corrections for even the sloppiest typing.
  • Sync your writing style securely to the cloud and across devices
  • Personalize word predictions from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and more.
  • You can also type with ease about daily news, sports and entertainment topics with Trending Phrases.
  • Gain access to the SwiftKey Store to browse new themes.

GO Keyboard

The GO Keyboard is a free keyboard app for the Android Smartphone users. The GO keyboard has several themes and you can install it in you keyboard and it also got emoji support. Like all the GO products it also suffers the same stigma and users who love absolutely love it and who hate completely hate it. This keyboard is simple, fast and accurate.More than 60 languages are supported by this app, you can this app from here!

Features :

  • Fast typing and funny voice texting input
  • Accurate auto-correct and next-word prediction
  • Best collection of 800+ emoji, emoticons, and smileys support everywhere (including Whatsapp and others apps which support Emoji)
  • 140+ personalized themes in Google Market + Store(will deliver new themes constantly)
  • More than 60 languages are supported
  • Switch seamlessly between tapping and gesture-typing
  • Support 5″, 7″, 9″/10″ tablet
  • Easily Input various kind of symbols and emoticons
  • Share emoji on text with your friends and groups
  • Quickly used and share emoji through social sites

Smart Keyboard PRO

It is a paid key-board app. The Smart Keyboard Pro is a fast multitouch keyboard which offered multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode, Smart dictionary, custom Auto-Text, hard keyboard support, calibration, and many other appearance and prediction options. The App is available in Play Store near about $3.70. By the pressing 123 key any time you can enter keyboard settings. You can download the app from here!


Features :

  • Fast typing
  • Support multiple languages
  • Trail version is also available in the market
  •  Supports multi-touch feature
  • Also provides the compact mode for faster typing

Minuum Keyboard

The Minuum Keyboard is one of the best Keyboard app of the Google Play Store. The MINUUM Keyboard is the smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It is little keyboard for the big fingers. This app takes up less than half the screen space of regular keyboards while still it is allowing you to type delightfully fast and surprisingly sloppy because of the revolutionary new auto-correction feature. The Minuum is the ideal keyboard for the small screens of smart watches. It is avialble in Play Store near about $ 3.30. You can download the app from here!


Features :

  • Supports Multiple languages
  • CURSOR CONTROL- which provides you to Tweak your texts, emails, and posts with ease
  • Instantly access thesaurus, dictionary, Google search, and share functionality
  • Add fun to all your messages via immediate access to 856 emoticons