Review of Best Productivity Management Apps for iPhone and iPad


There are many Productivity management apps are available for iPhone and iPad. These awesome apps make your Apple device more Smarter and useful. These apps make your work easy and manageable, you can handle and schedule all things via your iPhone or iPad

List of Best Productivity Management Apps for iPhone and iPad


Instapaper is one of the awesome apps, which is available in iTunes store for the Apple device. It is a paid app, which is available for iPhone and iPad both.  The Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading : offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted. It provides a mobile-optimized Text view which makes the reading of the Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience. With the use of this app you can store up to 500 articles on your iPhone or iPad, and store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website. The app is available in the iTunes store at $4.17. You can download this app in our Apple device by clicking here!


Features :

  • Adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins
  • Dark mode and brightness control for night reading
  • Automatic Dark and Sepia Mode switching for sunset times in your location
  • Sort your list of unread items by popularity, date, article length, and shuffle
  • Filter your list of unread items by reading time
  • Folders for organization
  • Dictionary and Wikipedia lookups
  • Tilt scrolling, page-flipping
  • Share via email, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Evernote, or other supported apps
  • Rotation lock
  • Preview links in the built-in browser without leaving the app


SmartTime is organizer app which is available for the Apple user. This app can manage  your appointments, tasks and routine. This app is totally integrated with your iPhone and whenever you create a new task or appointment, you have to select a person’s name from the Contact list. That’s all it takes to integrate their phone number and address directly into SmartTime.


This app offered you three different ways to see the same information, tasks and events are combined in each view.  First of all the SmartView which displays your agenda in a unique list-style view with a floating “day line” which shows  items can fit into today’s schedule.And the Calendar View shows the same information in a more traditional day calendar (tap any time to create a new appointment). And the finally the third one the Focus view which shows a list of what you need to do, and what you have already done, today – great for getting a sense of accomplishment. This is also a paid app, it is available at $9.99. You can download this app from here!

Features :

  • Pop-up alerts for Events as well as Tasks – with Snooze!
  • Integrates with your Contacts List
  • Integrates with Google Maps
  • Adjust on the fly with the tip of your finger.
  • Floating “Dynamic Day” line shows what you can do today
  • Call or SMS directly from a Task
  • Appointments integrated with Tasks
  • Adaptive logic fits your Tasks into Your Schedule
  • Syncs Tasks and Events directly with your iPhone calendar


The Box is a cloud Storage app which is very much similar to the Dropbox. It is a free app which can securely store, manage and share all your files, photos and documents with 10 GB of free cloud storage from the Box. With the help of this app all the files are on the tip of the finger. This app also allowed you to access your files online, from your desktop, and on your iPhone or iPad.


It’s fast, secure and simple to use,which can increase your productivity from anywhere, and that is why the reason more than 25 million users and 225,000 companies uses the Box app. You can also subscribe to the Personal Pro plan for $79.99 per year to receive 100 GB of storage and a larger file upload size of 5 GB. You can download this app from here!

Features :

  • 10 GB of free cloud storage to back up all your docs
  • Photo and video upload
  • High-quality viewing for 100+ file types, including PDF, Word, Excel.
  • Share important photos, videos and other documents
  • Review your latest project and leave feedback on the go
  • Stay in sync with your colleagues, friends and family AI, and PSD
  • High-fidelity PowerPoint presentations
  • Offline access to files and folders
  • Share huge files with just a link – no need for attachments

OmniFocus 2

The OmniFocus 2 is paid app, which manages your all tasks in your Smartphone. This iPad and iPhone app keep track of tasks by project, place, person, or date. With OmniFocus app, you will always have your important information at hand, and whether it is a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, things to do at home. This app organizes tasks by goals and using the projects, then work towards those goals more efficiently by grouping tasks using contexts. This app is available in theiTunes Store at $19.99. You can download this app from here!


Features :

  • Synchronize your tasks with other copies of OmniFocus using Omni’s free Sync Server or other WebDAV servers, and receive updates even when you’re not looking at OmniFocus.
  • Create new tasks quickly anywhere in the app, or by sending tasks from other apps such as Safari, Twittelator, or Riposte.
  • Plan your day’s errands by listing nearby contexts or viewing them on a map.
  • Receive notifications when a task becomes due, or when you happen to be near a context with available tasks.
  • Say Siri what’s on your mind, and it can go straight to your OmniFocus inbox.
  • Break large tasks up into more manageable steps you can complete and track individually.
  • Attach pictures and audio to your task notes, and synchronize them with other copies of OmniFocus.
  • Get a Forecast for the week ahead right from the OmniFocus Home screen, tap into see how due dates fit in with your Calendar schedule.
  • Search the current list or your whole OmniFocus database.

CloudOn (with MS Office Suite)

The CloudOn is made by Microsoft. It is one of the best productivity app which available in the Apple Store. The Microsoft’s mobile Office integration service which works in conjunction and offered the cloud storage services, it also enables you to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents while on the go. The app also supports other file types, such as PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF, can be opened using the built-in Adobe Reader and File Viewer. More than 7 million people download this app. It is a free app you can download this app from here!.


Features :

  • With the using of this you can Create, review and edit Microsoft Word® docs, Excel® spreadsheets and PowerPoint® presentations on an iPad or your iPhone.
  • Rich editing and creation of your mobile devices – insert charts, images, equations, SmartArt, clipart, tables, shapes.
  • Beautiful documents – format fonts, paragraphs, styles, themes and layout.
  • Quickly review docs – spelling and grammar, track changes, comments, annotations and rich markup.
  • Convenient to present from your mobile device – Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with animations and transitions timed to the second
  • 100% compatibility with Office files
  • You can print the document with the use of AirPrint feature.
  • Use the FileSpace to add context to your work – view all the activity on any given doc including edits, actions, and comments.