How to do Reverse Image Searching and Find Matching Images

By | June 25, 2014

Generally we use Google Image search to find wallpapers and photos but you know, Google also allows you to find similar image of your image. Suppose if you have a photo of any actor or actress and you don’t know him/her name then you will find the Google Reverse image search is a great tool.


There are many applications of using this services such as to identify a person, find plants, flowers and more. First look at the tutorial how to do Reverse Image Searching and Find Matching Images and then we will go through the detailed applications.

How to do Reverse Image Searching and Find Matching Images

  1. Open your browser, I would prefer you to go for Google Chrome for better result and type this :
  2. Tap the camera icon placed just beside the search button.
  3. Now select the method to put the image, either you can place the image URL or you can upload the image saved on your laptop or PC.
  4. Click on Search by image to get similar results and more info about the image. Here are things you can get:
    • Exact matches to the image (ie. the image is used elsewhere)
    • At the bottom you can often find “similar images”
    • Explanations of the image (faces recognized, plant matched etc)

Uses of Reverse Image Search

Find Plants, Animals via Image Search

  • Spotted an animal in the wild, and never seen it before?
  • Unidentified flower or fruit in your garden?

Buying a Car or Renting an Apartment

  • What model is that car?
  • Is that really what that apartment looks like? (combined with

Find people using your images

  • Opportunity to get a link back to your site
  • Or obtain payment if it is worth a lot of money
  • Or ask for it to be removed

Other different uses of Reverse Image Search

  • Find a location
  • Identify a product
  • Find a recipe

That’s it, comment below for what purpose you are going to use Reverse image search and also tell you liked it or not.