[How to] Restrict app installations and deletions on iPhone and iPad


There is a possibility to restrict app installations and deletions on your iPhone as well as iPad, if suppose your kid is using iPhone or iPad its your responsibility to check what apps they are using with respective to their age. But there is an option in every iPhone and iPad comes with ability to enable restrictions on what apps can be deleted or installed. Unless they know the restrictions Pass code, they will have to ask permission to install apps from the Apps store and to delete existing Ones. Actually this post regarding how to restrict app installation and deletion on iPhone and iPad.

Steps to follow how to restrict app installations and deletions on iPhone and iPad  

  • Initially you need to launch the setting app on the iPhone as well as iPad which you would like to enable.
  • Once you are done with the launching the setting app, Tap on the General settings.
  • Now tap on the restrictions.




  • In the restrictions tap on enable options,choose the password that only you should know and  if you did it already then you ca skip this step and to go next step.
  • Toggle off the options for installing applications and deleting applications under the allow section.
  • That’s it you are down with the Restricting app installation and deletion on your iPhone and iPad.

Now you can close the settings app and give iPhone or iPad to your kid, the app store icon will completely disappear from the home screen and the little X you tap to delete apps will not be present either. When you want to install or delete an app, just temporarily disable restrictions, but be sure to re-enable again once you have installed or deleted what you need to do.