Researchers of Google and MIT developed an algorithm to remove obsctructions from your final image



Sometimes, when you try to click pictures from you phone through reflective windows and fences, you might end up with some reflections ruining your final photos. So to get rid of this problem, researchers from Google and MIT have developed an algorithm, which will allow you to edit your final photos taken from your phone and remove some obstructions including reflections.

When you use this algorithm, the obstruction like rain drops, fences and reflections will disappear mostly from the final images. The working procedures of the algorithm, the algorithm detects the difference by looking at different images from the video and then decides what is obstruction in the foreground and what is part of the background of the image. This process has been developed before, but this new algorithm from researchers of Google and MIT is best among them.

This work will be presented in a paper later this month at the Siggraph 2015 computer graphics and interaction conference in Los Angeles. Tianfan Xue, Michael Rubinstein, Ce Liu and William T. Freeman has shown that how can you remove the obstruction from your final images by using this algorithm. So you just have ti click the photo by your phone and the rest of the work will be handled by the algorithm.

It is still unclear that when this can be used in the Smartphone, but this looks pretty good and will allow you to edit your photos with ease.

To know more about this watch the video by clicking here.