Researchers invented a way to increase the life of the battery

By | August 10, 2015


After several charging and discharging cycle, battery life of the rechargeable battery is reduced during course of the time. Team of researchers from MIT and Tsinghua University has developed a nanoparticle electrode, which comes with a solid titanium shell and a size changing “Yolk” inside it. They have created an egg like battery electrode, which can stop the battery from reducing its battery life. This can go through several charging and discharging cycle without affecting the shell. The team said that this will improve the capacity and power option of any rechargeable battery.

This new project will drastically improve the battery life and can sustain several charging and discharging cycles without degrading like the traditional graphite electrodes of the rechargeable battery. This invention will help you keep your device for longer time as well as you don’t have to replace the battery quite often.

But this is still an experiment handled in the lab, but this is closer to the reality, because its manufacturing process is simple and raw material used in this is also easily found. When this will be available for the commercial purpose is still unknown, but once it is ready for commercial use, one can find out this technology in different rechargeable battery of your device. This also looks pretty good as the main property of any battery is its capacity and performance.