Researchers found a way to give better signal to drones

By | August 10, 2015


Drones are getting popular day by day and lots of companies are trying to use it for various purposes like delivering packages through air or taking photos. How to keep the drones in touch of the ground? Cellular network is one way to keep the drones in touch with the ground, but the cellular networks towers are designed for serving people on the ground rather than drones and other aircraft in the skies. Due to this, the researchers are finding it tough to get the signal at so much height in the sky, which could lead to a serious challenge for company like Amazon, who trying to use drones for package delivery.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley campus has got an answer to this problem. They have converted an old ambulance to a cellular network and they use their own quadcopter drone carrying phones to test it. According to a report of PCworld, Bob Iannucci leader of CyLab Mobility Research Center at the campus located at NASA’s Ames Research Park at Moffett Field, California said, “We’ve built into this old ambulance, a full cellular network, We have the ability to go anywhere, set up a big antenna, create what we call a cellular bubble of coverage, and connect that via satellite.”

Iannucci also said, “We discovered that the signal up there is pretty different from what you might imagine,” If the researchers can implement the design and change the experience of the cellular networks, then this can be used to build some new cellular networks, which can be used by these drones. Some company can build the cellular networks, which will give the signal to the drones up in the sky and then drones can easily receive some instructions up in the sky also.