Researchers finds easy method to create wearable health patch



Everyone wants to use the electronic wearable health patch that can monitor as well as improve health, but the thing is that it is not very easy in practical life. The technology can take multiple days to create the wearable device, but some researchers have found a way to create it in easy and inexpensive way.

Researcher’s team from The University of Texas at Austin has developed a method that can produce a tattoo like patches in just 20 minutes and the process of creating the electronic wearable patches is also less expensive.

The wearable patches can monitor body signs for health and performance of human being. This is repeatable “cut-paste” method. According to the researchers, this process can manufacture the tattoo like health patches in bulk by using a processing machine and a roll of flexible plastic.

This new electronic wearable device is a new type of device that can stick to your skin and transmit the vital signals like muscle movement, brain activity, temperature, heart rate signals and hydration level. Though, this is a very useful discovery, but lengthy and costly production value is limiting its potential.

The invocation looks pretty simple, but it’s not. So, there is still time before you get a hands on this device to monitor your body vitals and symptoms. Researchers have also said that they are trying to integrate some more sensors for monitoring various other signs of the body.