Researchers create a tiny robot weighing just 4 gram

By | September 29, 2015


Researchers from EPFL laboratory have created a tiny robot that weighs just 4 grams. This tiny robot is called “Tribot” and can perform multiple tasks. This tiny robot can walk, fold, jump and flips. This robot can jump almost seven times of its height and after getting back it can start crawling.

This tiny robot is created by researchers from Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory and they have used titanium and Nickel alloy to build the robot. This is a very light robot and comes with springs, so this robot jumps a pretty good height and starts walking as soon as it lands.

This little robot sets an example that size doesn’t matter much. According to researchers, the best thing about this tiny robot is portability, as anyone can carry this little fellow without any problem. Jamie Paik, the lead researcher said about its portability,” Just like Ikea furniture, these robots could be shipped in flat layers that could then be easily assembled,”

Right now the researchers, who have developed this tiny robot, have not decided that where this robot is going to be used. The main reason behind this must be its size. The researchers are working on some other parts like sensors, micro cameras or some others.

Want to see the robot in action, then click here for the official video.