Researchers create 3D map of Earth’s core to show Volcanoes’ formation

By | September 7, 2015


Origin of Volcanoes is no secret. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have created a 3D map of the interior of Earth. The researchers have created this visualization by studying the path of seismic waves.

This map shows the role of mantle plumes starting at the bottom of the core to mantle boundary and how they climb to the top to connect to the volcanic spots in the Earth crust. The plumes don’t follow a straight path instead they usually spread after merging with colder upper mantle, reports Engadget. According to the report most of the volcanoes comes from two large 5,000 km “blobs” of hot rock at the core boundary.

However, this 3D map is not perfect, as it does not link the Yellowstone’s volcano, but it is good enough to show from where volcanoes come from. Researchers are hopeful that they will create a higher resolution map in near future with the help of the supercomputer. Scott French, the first author said, “No one has seen before these stark columnar objects that are contiguous all the way from the bottom of the mantle to the upper part of the mantle,”

Click here to watch the video of this project.