Researchers crafts electronic circuit inside rose plant



Rose is beautiful flower, but crafting electronic circuit inside it is just amazing. Researchers from the Linköping University have combined a flexible electronic circuit with one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The Swedish researchers have inserted an electronic circuit inside Rose Plant.

Researchers have used vascular system of a living plant to create main mechanism of an electronic circuit. These researchers are hoping that this new discovery will lead to new tools and organic electronics.


The main problem with this project was to insert electronic circuit without killing the plant, because the plants depend on certain hormone and ionic signals for their internal activities. The Swedish researchers have used electronic signals to track the chemical process of the plant. This helped them insert a special kind of polymer that assemble itself into the wire and carry electricity without stopping the nutrition that is responsible for flow of life in the plant.

The team of Swedish researchers is still working on this project. They are planning to install electrodes that can convert leaf sugar to energy. If this project comes into real life, it will certainly change the way people harvest energy. This project can also let people to harvest energy from the trees and use them for different purposes. This discovery can also transform plants into sensors, energy source and some other things. Want to read more about this project, Click here.