Researchers builds artificial heart with foam



Researchers from Cornell University has developed a fluid pumping heart by using foam, which is similar to human hearts in shape and working procedure. This artificial heart works and behaves to human heart. This new artificial heart is developed by using poroelastic silicone foam. This foam when in liquid state can be shaped in any desired structure by casting it in a 3D printed mold.

When everything is set, it can pump fluids and this is also soft, efficient and stretchable. The researchers have coated the outer side of the artificial heart with carbon fiber/silicone shell, which keep the fluid within the heart.

This discovery can be used to build smarter and safer artificial organs, which can be customized for specific patients, once this project is ready to be used in real products. This material can also be used for other soft robotics, prosthetic and some other softer and bendable products.

The researchers from Cornell University have already started working on prosthetic foam hand and they are on getting FDA approval. They are also working on making the material more bio-compatible. Scientists said that making artificial heart was an easy process and they can also customized the design of heart so that it can match the requirements of any specific patients.