Research Project Cider allows iOS apps to run on Android

By | May 16, 2014
Cider Android iOS

Research Project Cider, an OS compatibility layer, allows iOS apps to run simultaneously on Android smartphones.

Developed by students of Computer Science at Columbia University, Cider effectively tricks iOS apps into running on Android’s Linux kernel just as they smoothly run on Apple’s XNU kernel. This cross OS compatibility is a great innovation towards the Android iOS battle.

Cider Android iOS

They recently published the research paper, according to the published report, “Cider optimizes the existing operating system, Android, of a handset with kernel-driven, per-thread personas to mimic the app binary interface of a foreign operating system, iOS, enabling it to run untouched foreign binaries”.

To be able to get succeed they tried many binary compatibility methods including compile time code adaption that allows Android to install untouched iOS app on it.

In above video they showed how easily an Android device is running unmodified iOS apps with the help of Cider. However they didn’t share how to configure or install Cider on Android but soon we can aspect this to launch on Market for all. According to them this project is still in developing phase and has some limitations as of now. Android features like GPS module, device’s camera, Bluetooth etc are either not working or have limited access. More work on these features are required to get rid of it.


Even in the video they showed some of the app which is only available for iOS users smoothly running on LG Nexus 7 (2012) edition.

For now, Cider is a prototype developed as a research project. The team has not showed any interest to continue the project, but cross-platform OS compatibility is an area of powerful concern, specifically in the business sector.