Report: Apple working on 12 inch MacBook Pro and 4K display



Apple’s OS X Yosemite is all set to land to normal users as testing has been almost completed, so there is nothing to be surprise that the company has started working on different gadget or hardware to go along with it. According to the 9to5Mac report, Apple’s current projects include a 12 inch MacBook Pro offering a pixel-dense Retina display and “a slightly lighter aluminum body and much thinner.”

As the report suggests, it is still in doubt whether the forthcoming laptop will fall under the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air branding; there might be a chance to get a new name as well. Rumors about such a gadget are nothing much new to excite, as the MacBook Air’s display is perhaps the only weak point in a laptop that Apple recently put back in the spotlight with a new ad campaign.

9to5Mac also suggests that, other than making new MacBook,  Apple is also working on a 4K display, though accepts it is not sure whether this will be a standalone monitor display or something that instead finds its way to a future iMac all-in-one.

These high-resolution Macs will be sticked “as a selling point for all new Mac OS X Yosemite,” according to the report. 9to5Mac also reveals the current plans call for both computers to be announced in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year, not long after Yosemite’s debut across the world for existing and future customers. The new OS is probably all set for release in late October.

Also if you are interested to install the latest OS X Yosemite Preview on your Macbook without doing anything then you may follow the link to get the OS right on your computer, from today only Apple has opened the link to download the OS file.

Apple OS X Yosemite Public Beta Available for Download