How to replace header with tumblr

By | July 4, 2014

Customize the header in the place of your blog, so that it remains in the page where visitors scrolls through the page. You can adjust the appearance and formatting of your blog by using the Cascade style sheet (CSS) in its HTML code. If you add the property ” #header {“tag, you can specify the position in your blog. Adding the “fixed” value will generate the header as an absolutely positioned box so you can keep your blog’s header in place. ¬†This post explains you with an clear information how to replace header with tumblr. For this you need to follow the below steps

Steps to follow 

  • Navigate the tumblr customize page and then log in to your account, if necessary.
  • Once you done with your above step then click on the edit HTML button next to custom theme.
  • Now press Ctrl+f to open Tumblr’s find tool.
  • Enter #header and then click the OK button to search for the text in your theme’s HTML code, You have to repeat this process until you locate the #header {“tag.
  • Insert the new line below #header{ and enter the following code in the next line : Position:Fixed;
  • Click on the update preview and preview the changes to your blog’s header in the theme your preview to right.
  • Click on save to publish the changes to your blog header.


  • The content of your blog will overlap on the top of your header when you scroll down the page, unless you make adjustments to the top margin property of its content tag. Lets us consider a example if your header height is hundred pixels, you can adjust the top margin for your content to be hundred pixels so that the leader is not covered when scrolling through the page.
  • For adding the top margin of the 100 pixel to the content of your blog, we need to add the following code on the next line #content{“tag.
  • Customizing the HTML for your tumblr blog’s theme can cause unwanted alternations to blog’s layout and appearance, use Tumblr recover theme to restore your blog’s themes.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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