How to replace blown earpiece on iPhone 5C


If your callers on the other hand side are facing some sound distortions on your iPhone 5C  and even you are not hearing their device at all, to over come this problem you need to replace the brown earpiece. This article will gives you clear information about how to fix and replace blown earpiece on iPhone 5C. Let us see in the below steps how to fix this issue.

Steps to fix the blown earpiece on iPhone 5C

To fix or replace the blown earpiece on your iPhone 5C you need some tools in order to repair, I will recommend the users in United states and Canada to check in eTech Parts to get the required tools to repair your iPhone 5C. All the links below will routeyou to the direct item you need on eTech’s site.

Steps to follow

  • Initially start repairing you smartphone you must Power off your iPhone 5C , I think You are aware of how to power off the mobile.
  • Once you are done with this you need to remove the two security screws that secure the screen to the frame they sit on each side of the dock connector. Use five screw driver t remover the screws.


  • once you are done with above step, you need to remove the display assembly by placing the suction cup on the home button assembly and secure it to screen
  • Hold the iPhone in one hand and gently pull the suction cup up until you free the bottom of the screen, Now you should slow removed the screen and expose the logic board inside.
  • Remove the four screws as shown in the figure, use #0000 screw driver to remove these screws.


  • Once you removed the all the four screws remove the shield, Now you need to use spudger tool to remove three wires in the below image.
  • The display body should be free from the body, go ahead and set every thing but display assembly aside now.
  • Now you need to replace the earpiece assembly and bracket in place from the top of the assembly. For this, use your #000 screwdriver.
  • Carefully you need to loosen the earpiece bracket and lift it upwards. Note that there are clips on each side  that you may need to bend outwards slightly in order for the bracket and earpiece to come out. Don’t pull hard as you may break or bend the bracket.


  • Replace the old earpiece with new one ear piece assembly and position the shield on the top of it


  • Replace the two screws that secure the ear piece assembly and bracket using your your #0000 screw driver
  • That’s it you are done with the replacing the brown earpiece
  • Now you need to reconnect the display assembly by connecting the three wires and out that four screws with the help of #000 screw driver
  • Line up the screen carefully and put that secure screws one the display seated correctly put that two screws either side of the dock connector.
  • That’s it your phone is ready