How to remove redeye from your picture on iPhone and iPad

By | August 4, 2014
iphone _photo_redeye_removal

In iPhone or iPad there are not much editing applications, but the phone and tablet includes the ability to remove the redeye from the picture. The picture may be  selfie, Normal pic or a group picture what ever the picture may be you can remove redeye from your picture on iPhone and iPad. This red eye may be the result of flash or glore, nothing to be worried simply you can remove that red eye with out disturbing the picture quality. Follow the below steps to remove the red eye from your picture on iPhone and iPad.

Steps to remove the red eye from your picture on iPhone and iPad

  • Initially launch the photo app on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Now select the picture or photo which you wants to remove the red eye and tap on the edit button which is located at the upper right corner of your phone.




  • Once you tap on the edit button, Now you need to navigate the red eye correction tool in that edit options.
  • Tap on that eye correction tool and zoom the photo and tap on red eye where you would like to correct if it didn’t auto correct on its own.
  • once you are done with fixing this red eye, don’t forgot to apply the changes done and save the edited device.
  • Finally Tap on Save to write over the original photo with your red eye corrections.

Generally this red eye correction tool work well and corrects issues on its own. If it doesn’t, however, you can manually tell it where to correct. For more information stay tune.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

Micheal, is a loyal Apple Fan. A graduate in computer science, Micheal loves to experiment with iOS and Mac. Here at The Tech Bulletin, he covers information about Apple Products.+Micheal