How to remove accounts from Apple pay remotely


If you have added all your accounts to Apple pay in you phone and unfortunately you have lost your iPhone or else some one have stolen you device even though Apple pay to be authenticated using your thumb print in order for some one to charge your card, Actually it is a good idea to remove all your accounts as an extra measure. Through this article you can get the information how to get access to your mobile remotely. Simply follow the steps given below :

  • First by using any web browser on your computer, go to and sign in.
  • Once you sign in to iCloud then go to the settings application.
  • Under my devices section at the bottom click on the device you would like to wipe Apple pay.
  • You can see the Apple pay logo which is next to the any device setup with the service.
  • Now there click on remove all.
  • That’s it you are done removing all the accounts from Apple Pay remotely.




Apple pay will be de-authorized on all your cards even through Apple pay can’t used by any one that doesn’t have finger print registered on your device. Its better to remove all your accounts on your phone if you lose or some one stolen.