Remotely turn on your PC with Cortana by using VoiceWake app


The new VoiceWake app for Windows Phone 8.1 which can turn on your PC with the help Cortana. The VoiceWake app remotely accesses your PC’s from thousand of miles. The app has one singular purpose wake up your PC using ‘Wake On LAN’.

The VoiceWake  of Windows Phone ha uses the Cortana extension app which allows you to wake your PC with the help of Cortana’s voice recognition software. For this you have to just configure your Wake On LAN  to your PC and enter some basic information about your PC’s or laptop into the VoiceWake app. After that you can use the command “Cortana wake [computer name]” to turn your PC on and access to your computer.


To use this app, you have to download the app from the store, and it configures it with your PC’s MAC address, IP info and some other tidbits. Likewise, you need to have Wake On LAN enabled on your PC, that is usually found under the BIOS settings when the computer takes its  first boots.

At the present time the free version is available in the Windows Phone Store– VoiceWake Lite, which is coming with ads and a limited number of options, but the paid variant of this app will be coming soon which might be provide more tools and feature to control your PC remotely and it will be ads free. A paid version will be released soon, which will include a location based wake feature and a wake schedule feature.