How to remotely install Apps on your Smartphone


Have you ever tried to install apps on your smartphone through different device?? ever you ever thought to do that?? if yes then this post will get relief to remotely install Apps on your Smartphone. For every mobile platform such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone has at least a way to do that.

Just read this post to know how to remotely install Apps on any smartphone. First of all we will discuss about the Android,

For Android users

If you own an Android smartphone then easily and quickly you can remotely install apps to your phone without having to tinker with any settings and customization. Just walk through the Google Play store from your computer and log in using the same Google account which is associated with your Android smartphone. Next, find the app that you want to get in your device and go to its information page, then press the Install button for that app.


As you click on Install, there will be a pop-up box that tells you which permissions the app needs, as well as a drop-down list of the devices connected with your Google account. Select the handset or tablet where you want to install the app from the list, then press Install. Within seconds, your phone will begin installing the app. (Your device should also be connected to internet).

For Windows Phone users

First of all, find the app you want to install on your Windows Phone from WindowsApp Store and then login using the same Microsoft account associated to your phone. The app you have searched, see just below the icon of the app, you will see a button called “install“, if the app is not available for free then it will redirect you to payment section otherwise.


Once you do that, your Windows Phone store will pick your default device and install that app to it within few seconds.

For iOS users

To install app remotely on your iPhone or iPad you need to do a step more compare to the Android or Windows Phone. Here you have to switch on the automatic downloads for apps on your phone. If you want to have updates to install on your phone automatically, switch the Updates toggle to the on position as well.


Now move on to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, head over to iTunes Store, sign in Using the Apple ID connected with your device. Now find the app you want to install, press the download button-it will be labelled with the app’s price—and after a few seconds it will be on both your computer and your phone.

Enjoy!, comment below if you are getting any issues doing this.