Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone released finally

By | April 24, 2014

Using Microsoft Remote desktop app you can be able to connect to the remote PC and access your work resources from anywhere. Microsoft has released the remote desktop apps for Android and iOS platforms in the last October and doesn’t have a word on the availability of the app to the Windows platform which make Windows Phone users unhappy.

Now Microsoft has released remote desktop app preview version for the recently launched Windows Phone 8.1 version.  Microsoft has decided to launch the app only for Windows Phone 8.1 and there is some issue to release for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has not detailed any reason for the unavailability of the app for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft’s remote desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1 is promised to deliver top class experience using its Remote FX technology and Remote Desktop Protocol 8.1.

David Belanger, Program Manager on the Remote Desktop team posted on the blog that, “You are promised to experience the experience the power of Windows with Remote FX technology in a Remote Desktop client designed accordingly to get your work from anywhere”. He also mentioned that Remote FX and RDP 8.1 as the highlights of the app as these two technologies offer high quality audio and graphics along with amazing multi touch experience.



  • Rich multi touch experience supported by Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology and Remote FX supporting Windows gestures.
  • Easy management of all the remote connections from connection center.
  • Network Level Authentication (NLA) technology will helps to securely connect to your data and applications.
  • HQ video and audio streaming with improved compression and bandwith usage.


Remote desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1 is 1 MB in size and free to download from Windows Phone store.