Red Bull Air Race game goes live on Play Store

By | September 15, 2014


The best selling energy drink in the world, Red Bull has also a spot of video games. Red Bull has attached to several games available for Android and Xbox 360, since after joining the gaming world, games started enjoying the sweetness. It’s easy to write these software titles off as nothing but advertising tools, but sometimes they actually stand up well as games.

Take Red Bull Air Race – A Racing arcade game, which has just listed on Android. Redhouse Interactive team has developed the game, who you might know as the creator of the excellent Warhammer 40K: Carnage.

This time Roadhouse has designed a 3D airplane racing game, based on the real-life Red Bull Air Races that also happen to involve airplanes. With great production values and lots of races to fly, Red Bull Air Race is absolutely free-to-play over Android smartphone.

According to the description at the Play Store page, it has mentioned that here you will experience the jaw dropping speed and precision flying of the RedBull Air Race. Red Bull says, this is the fastest MotoSport in the world. Red Bull Air Race The Game throws you straight into the thrilling world of high speed air racing in this one of a kind air race battle.

The also offers different location to race such as:

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Rovinj, Croatia
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • Ascot, United Kingdom
  • Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  • Gdynia, Poland

Go through the download link to download the game right on your Android.