How to Recover CryptoLocker infected Hard Drive


CryptoLocker is a ransomware which is very simple and calamitous, which is specifically designed to infect computers running on Windows Operating System. Once the PC is infected, it encrypts all the data present in the local storage, mounted removable drives and any mapped network drives using 2048-bit RSA public key cryptography, essentially rendering all the files unusable. Till now there is no way to recover those data encrypted by CryptoLocker.

But the researchers, Fox-IT and FireEye has launched a website which can be used by the CryptoLocker victims to decrypt their encrypted files for free of charge.

How to Recover CryptoLocker infected Hard Drive

To recover your CryptoLocker infected files, you need to head over to and to find the decryption key, you need to submit the sample of the encrypted file and your email ID and so the website can send the decryption keys and the free application to decrypt the encrypted files. You need to only upload the files that don’t have sensitive information.


After submitting the sample file, the file will be processed and this website will provide you the decryption key and the download link of the decryption program. After receiving the decryption key and decryption program through email, launch the decryption program and use the below command to start decrypting your encrypted files.

Decryptolocker.exe –key "<key>" <Lockedfile.doc>

But unfortunately, the tool doesn’t automatically decrypt all the files on your PC, which means you have to decrypt one file at one time unless you k now how to automate the things using Windows Powershell or batch scripting.