How to Record Xbox Videos and Share them on Youtube


Any latest game when goes live, people used to search gameplay and tips for the game and for that YouTube is the best play to hunt for but if you have Xbox console then you can help others by recording Xbox Videos and share them on YouTube easily. So want to start sharing your own Xbox One gameplay videos on Youtube? We will show you how to do it without buying additional accessories or hardware.

How to Record Xbox Videos and Share them on Youtube

There are several ways to record Xbox videos, a really very quick method to do so is, just say out loud “Xbox, Record that“, whatever you have done within 30 seconds on your console will be record. You will get the notification at the bottom.


I know 30 seconds video is not useful at all for a gameplay, here comes another method allows you to record 5:00 minutes of gameplay using Game DVR. To start recording your device, just say “Xbox, snap Game DVR” then either you can say the ‘End clip now‘ or ‘Start new clip.‘ If you say “End Clip now” then it will record the past five minutes and if you say “Start new clip” then the next 5 minutes video you will see.


Just view the video clip and edit it, there is simple built in options to trim, picture-in-picture commentary, add voiceovers, and templates.

If you want to make your video more supportive, you can try out the Picture-in-Picture feature. The camera in the Kinect can be used to record yourself while giving commentary for your clips or the gameplay.


Once you are done with the editing and all set to, click finish, it will ask you to enter the title of the clip and click on the upload button, you are not done yet, follow couple of steps more to finish it.

If you have already install YouTube app on your Xbox then its fine otherwise just say “Xbox, go to YouTube”, as the app appears, push your left stick on your controller until you see the ‘My Uploads‘ option. Select the Upload option and choose the clip you would like to upload.


Add a title, set the privacy setting, and then click the upload button.