How to record screen on Nexus 5


The New feature with in the Android Kitkat  for video taking  which can be record directly from the Screen of Nexus 5. Through the functional and method was bit tough and hooking your phone up to your computer and sending over an ADB command to start recording. To know about How to record screen on Nexus 5 follow the steps given below.



Steps to Follow to record screen on Nexus 5 

  • Root your Nexus to use this type of advanced apps and modes you need to root your Nexus 5, If you don’t root you nexus use this easy method to root your phone.
  • Install Rec Screen Recorder Once your are done with rooting the device Download the app for recording the screen as there are many, I recommend to download the Rec Screen Recorder. Install this application which work simply and easy. If you are interested click Here to download this Rec application.
  • Set up for Recording The basic version of this app can be possible to record only 5 mins, This app is elegant in the simplicity. Open the application all you have to worry is to set the bit rate, duration, Toggling audio from your device and naming the file. The settings are laid out for you nice and neat on launch to screen.
  • That’s it by using this new advance feature you can start Recording the Screen video.

As a said earlier there is a paid version of this application which gives you more features like longe recording times, Audio recording via mic and many more. The paid version may cost around $3.29. If you choose to upgrade by navigating the settings in the main menu of settings in Rec from the overflow icon in the top right. Pro is an option to under support and you need to tap and makes you to upgrade.