How to record Google Voice call


If you are facing some troubling in recording Google Voice calls on your account then here is the tutorial for how to do it.

How to record Google Voice call
Enable call recording

  • First sign into your Google Voice account and then go to settings. Here click on the gear icon present on the right corner of the page and select settings.
  • Now click on the Calls tab and make sure that the Enable Recording is selected present next to the call options. If the box is not checked, then select it, your settings will be automatically saved.


Recording a call

  • You can only record the incoming calls, so this recording feature will not work on the outgoing calls.
  • When you receive the incoming call which you want to record, press #4 key on the keypad, whether you using the phone or computer.
  • Pre-recorded message will announce that the call recording feature is on so that all parties can now hear the message.
  • If you want to stop the call recording, you can press #4 key on your device again or wait till the call get over or hang up.
  • The audio file of your recorded call will appear in the inbox, just like a voicemail. To here it click on the play button.

That’s it, this is way to record the Google Voice calls.