Recent Android Update list of Nexus and Pixel Smartphones


Being an open source platform, Android is loved by millions of fans around the globe. This is the reason why Android has become the most popular Smartphone Platform. You can have plenty of choices for all range of smartphones if you are looking for an Android device. Android offers a variety of different types of devices running on different Android versions. Today, we are here with a recent Android update list of Nexus and Pixel Smartphones. 

Google has announced its new Android Operating System i.e. Android O or we can say Android 8.0 back in March month. Since then, the giant has pushed out one by one developers preview for the same OS specially for Nexus and Pixel smartphones. Many technical people who are using the Nexus and Pixel smartphones have upgraded their smartphones to this latest Android OS with the help of Android O Developer Preview.

Android O or Android 8.0 is yet to be released officially. People are using the beta version of this latest OS on their respective Nexus and Pixel smartphones. This developer previews or beta update of the Android offers a variety of features with plenty of improvements to the device to make use of the original Android O Operating System before the actual release of its standard version.

If you have not registered for the beta program of Android O, you can head over to the official page and can get yourself registered instantly. Once you update it, you will start receiving OTA updates regularly. Since, this is a beta version, it may carry a bunch of bugs and errors so it is better for you to wait for a few more days to install an official Android O update. Once you go with the beta version, you will receive a final update via OTA. If you want to go back with the current stable version, you have to delete all the data from your device only then you will be able to use the stable version of Android on a respective Nexus or Pixel device.

Android O’s beta program was made available for Google based Nexus and Pixel smartphones. People who have tested this new OS out have put good reviews about it. The new OS is quite interesting as it offers a variety of features and new functions to use the device to its optimum level. The new update brings picture-in-picture mode, navigation keys, adaptive icons, latest Bluetooth audio codecs and more. So, there will be a handful of amazing features come along with the latest Android update i.e. Android O.

Security Patch for August 2017

At presently, some Nexus and Pixel devices are able to get the latest Security Patch for this current August month. You can do it with OTA files or Factory images. Following devices are able to get this new update :

  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 9
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel
  • Pixel C

If for some reason, you haven’t received any update till date, you have to wait for a couple of more days and you will receive an update via OTA automatically. You don’t have to worry about the latest security patch. This new Security Patch for 2017 will be there with a lot of fixes of bugs and other files. The new update will bring some stability to your device as well.

Apart from this, Google had also mentioned earlier that, the original Android O update will be released first for the existing Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone. So these both devices will definitely get the Android O update in the coming October month when it is finally go official. Security updates along with this final version will be released gradually for 2 more years.

So folks, this was the list of updates and devices which are getting the recent August month security patch to their existing Android OS. It is just a few days left and we will see the Android O Operating System live in the market. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates on Technology.