Real Shooter an Android Game : Review


The Real Shooter is an android game this game is similar to arcade which makes player fun and interest, This you can get it from Android Google Play Store. The Key parts to shoot is aim and timing. The main aim of this game is to shoot the targets and to score the points and move to next level. This game has good levels which offers as well as 20 achievements unlock through Google play games.I am sure by playing makes you fun definitely.


How to Play

  • One thing you have to do is download this game from Google play store, after downloading game will insall automatically.
  • After installation completed Real Shooter game icon will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the Icon to open the game.


  • As soon as you start to play an inbuilt tutorial will appear on the screen how to play the game simply follow the instructions to play the game.
  • Tilt controls are very sensitive, this is the main challenge for the player with respective aim and timing.
  • Initial levels are easy to play, The player have to shoot the targets for the shake of points after finishing of every level game goes to next level which will be difficult.
  • Star rating will be given after completion of each level, again and again you can play the same level to get good star rating.
  • Based up on your points and star rating achievement can be unlocked.
  • As the game progress level will become difficult.


  • playing this game is good in tablet similar to angry birds.
  • Easy to play also offers a challenging to play and integration to Google play games is nice.
  • Playing this game makes you fun and attractive.
  • Timing and aim are the essential things in the game with respective tilt controls.


  • Graphics are not satisfactory.
  • More levels are needed for the shooting game lovers.


This game bring the Arcade style of game, Over all the game simple and ease to play and tilt controls are very sensitive. Playing in the Tablets will be Good when compare with smartphone. A simple and easy game to get to grips with this, One of the shoot games will hit Android soon.

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