REAkT: Test Your Reflexes, improve your reaction speed

By | July 3, 2014

Last weak this unique and interesting game got updated for Android users to fix few bugs in two-player mode and few performance enhancements. Actually REAkT was developed back in June 12th but soon after they have released the first update on 21th June. It is an Arcade genre game allows both single and two player option to place at a time.


Your task is just to tap the big circle button at the right time when it changes from blue to green. You need to be quick with fast reflexes and persistent reaction speed to get grab more points to challenge your friend or the person with you are playing the game. If you tap the bottom at wrong time then it will deduct few of your points, sometime during the play, there appears a skull, as you tap on it, you game will be over.

According to the developer, rules of this game is designed, not only to offer you points based on your speed, but also to motivate self-improvement. As I have played this game on my phone so I would like to give 4(****) star out of five. I found something is missing in this game, the first one is its graphics which it bit dark and very simple and 2nd its UI, font and color they have used is not matching with the background. Although you can play this game either or phone and tablet with ease.

anyways look at the mail features that you might like:

Known Features that make REAkT an addictive game

  • Your own rank is updated after each play to reflect global high score position
  • Online high-score lists to show the most skilled players
  • Single player mode to test & train your own brain and reflex speed
  • Two player mode to challenge your friends for a reaction duel
  • High resolution graphics for both phones and tablets
  • Multi-player mode with random opponent or by friend invitation allows you to play with anyone
  • Background music and custom sounds with a retro style influence
  • Lots of Achievements when you reach certain goals
  • Tricks you brain


The game is absolutely free to download with a few advertisements in it, but there is an option to remove them paying something via Google’s in-app billing service. That will offer you REAkT Pro and that is the ONLY purpose for the in-app purchase feature.

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