How to read Facebook messages without installing messenger app



Couple of weeks back we have installed that most people hate the new Messenger app as that was forced to get that. Really is ridiculous to switch every time to talk to any person from Facebook app on mobile.

Thanks to Guardian who has found a great working way to stick it to the native Facebook app and avoid installing the app for texting people via external app.

One thing you need to Keep in mind that it works only for those who don’t have Messenger installed on their phones. Further, it could be disabled at any time, follow the process mentioned below to read Facebook messages without installing messenger app.

How to Facebook messages without installing messenger app

Step 1: As you get a new message on your Facebook, the app will notify you to download the app to see them.

Step 2: You can get rid of it, until you click on Install button out there, so that. The app will automatically head over you to your phone’s app store to get the app. Tap the Free button (or, if you’ve deleted the app, the cloud) to begin getting the Messenger app.

Step 3: Just before the completion of the download process, forcefully or any how just cancel it, basically you don’t need to install it completely.

Step 4: Now go to the main Facebook app and now I hope you will be able to see your private messages.

It is certain that this method won’t work for a log, but for at least now, we can use this method avoid installing messenger app.