Rdio updates web and mobile apps to highlight free music offering


The Rdio steaming service is ready to launch an update version of its mobile applications, later today will place a new focus on its free “stations” feature as competitors like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple’s one-two punch of iTunes Radio and Beats Music crank up the pressure on the service.


Rdio claims its free music library is as much as fifteen times bigger than those of competing apps. Like other online radio services, the new Rdio will automatically create playlists and stations from that library based on a user’s music preferences. Curated stations from musicians and other celebrities will also be available, much like in iTunes Radio.

users are able to decide the whether they have decided it before or branching out or finding new tunes by Familiar or adventurous let see the new version features includes

  • Home : Mixture of all music stories and specially personalized one.
  • Favorites : It can be anything like albums to artists, songs to stations and keep them all in one place
  • Browse : stations can be browse here, from genre station to all new curated stations for any mood.
  • trending : Show you popular and combining the heavy rotation and top charts.

Download Rdio app for iOS users and Download here for Android Rdio app