Rdio integrated free live radio channels to its library



Music streaming apps is one of the most popular apps used by people, but it is also true that the competition has also become toughest, because there is lots of music streaming app in the market. So today, Rdio has announced its live radio. Rdio will integrate with more than 500 existing radio channels of US in addition to the songs library of 35 millions songs. Thanks to Cumulus Radio, some radio stations, which are going to featured in the Rdio app are Indianapolis’s 93.9 The Beat, Nashville’s 95.5 NASH, Los Angeles’s 95.5 KLOS, New York’s 94.7 NASH FM, San Francisco’s KFOG.

The Rdio will also include sports broadcasts like they are adding Westwood One, which means user can listen to sports talk and coverage 24/7. Through this app, you can stream your local radio channel, even if you are living in some other city. You can still reach out to building your personal library while listening radio on Rdio app. If you are using paid version of Rdio, then you can also download the songs you are listening. By introducing radio streaming, Rdio is planning to target more and more users. This is going to be helpful for customers who still like listening to radio on the road.