Razer’s Nabu fitness tracker for the fitness enthusiasts

By | August 30, 2015

Razer’s Nabu and Nabu X fitness trackers are steered towards its enthusiastic fans. This time the enthusiastic gamers are getting a bigger update.

razer-nabu-main-bannerOn August 28, 2015 during the first day of PAX Prime in Seattle, this fitness tracking device was announced. Razer refurbished the Nabu, based on the user’s feedback. The Nabu’s button take the position on the top and the magnetic clasp opens from the side which the Razer calls it “side loading.” The charging port has been re-positioned to the inside of the band.

The fitness tracking device is anticipated to be compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and Android 4.3 and upcoming mobile phones. The Nabu also brags a battery life of six days and is waterproof. The OLED screen is 128×16 and displays a single color.

Nabu, the fitness tracking device is estimated to cost around $99 and pre-orders for this new device starts from September 15th with the gadget to be shipped in October.

Nabu X

maxresdefault (1)Though the Nabu X will not have any upgraded hardware, it is soon going to launch a supportive app, which will be compatible with the Nabu.

The app’s user interface will be massively different from the current app and will offer a much cleaner, vibrant interface, better picture of the user’s daily activity and sleep tracking algorithms. The new app is still in early stage but Nabu X users can download it to try out today.