Razer launches 3D camera for Desktop Gaming and Virtual Reality.

By | August 20, 2015

Razer is slowly withdrawing the power of Real-sense Technology with its new launch of 3D camera, which focuses on Desktop Gaming and Virtual Reality. This tube-shaped camera focuses its consumers but still doesn’t have a consumer-ready name. However this new product will allow for a multitude of experiential applications around gaming and Virtual Reality.

Razer’s 3D camera

This 3D camera has an automatic background removal, allowing streamers to remove or replace their setting for “a more entertaining and immersive experience.” Just like Xbox One Kinect, RealSense cameras also allow users to scan 3D objects and pick up motion and gestures and brings them into the Virtual world; not only the inanimate objects but it also scans people.

This function is just for starters, because soon after Razer’s RealSense Camera hit the market, the company may add more functions in the main course. It is also predicted that the final design of this 3D camera is likely to change. Razer, CEO Min-Liang Tan says in a press conference that “Gamer’s will, we expect, be able to enhance their broadcasting and VR experience in unprecedented ways”.

Intel fused with Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality platform as a participant. By accessing Intel’s RealSense camera technology at its fingertips, OSVR should be pumped higher in creating more immersive VR experiences.