Ralph Lauren PoloTech workout shirt to cost $295



Ralph Lauren announced that it plans to release its smart shirts for the public and the price of this gym shirt will be $295. This means that if you are ready to spend $295 on a gym shirt, then you can be the owner of this shirt.

This PoloTech shirt was created in association with OmSignal and was unveiled at a preview event held in New York City, where its price and the release were declared. This PoloTech shirt has been in awaited for a long time, this shirt has been also called as “second skin”. It comes with silver fiber, which is woven into the fabrics directly. It also features black box filled with sensors near rib cage, which tracks some bio-metric figures like depth of breathing, hear rate and steps taken.

All these data monitored by the sensors is displayed on the smartphones with the help of Ralph Lauren app. Currently the Ralph Lauren mobile app is only for iOS and it can’t associate with any other fitness app available on the market.

Main motto of this workout shirt is to provide the essential data analysis to the users about their workouts as well as giving suggestion on their workout. So this is definitely a new step, because the other entire fitness app can monitor your workouts or daily activities, but won’t give you suggestion based on the data monitored.

This PoloTech shirt was launched during the U.S. open tennis tournament, as ball boys used the short to test the tech. OmSignal also sells its own this kind of shirt. Right now, both Ralph Lauren and OmSignal are selling tech shirts for men only, but According to the executive vice president for advertising, marketing and communications at Ralph Lauren, David Lauren, the company is working on the similar shirt for woman, which will be out in near future.

You can buy this PoloTech shirt from Ralph Lauren at $295 from August 27.