How to quickly add item to list or calendar with Fantastical 2


If you use Fantastical 2 on your iOS devices their will be lot of advantages like keyboard shortcuts, by using this keyboard shortcuts you can use entering the event or remainder very easily. With this you can save the time and also very convenient one to enter the things. Of course you can so the same thing manually but it will takes more time. In this article you can able to know How to quickly add item to list or Calender with Fantastical 2 with the help of following steps.

Steps to follow how to quickly add item to list or calender with Fantastic 2

  • Initially download and install Fantastic 2 on your iOS devices iPhone and iPad.
  • Tap on the plus sign to add the new event, normally you do.
  • Now you can type out your event or remainder as ” Appointment with kelvin” some thing like this as your required.
  •  Instead of manually choosing a different calender or list, type a backslash followed by the list or calender name.
  • So instead you would have “Appointment with kelvin /personal”.
  • That’s it you are done with this.



you should instantly notice that notice that the calendar that the event is going to go on changes in the preview. You can actually change the calendar in even fewer keystrokes. In the above picture for example the title of the event is like a ” lunch with rena at 2″ you can give the name as need. For iPhone this Fantastical 2 will costs around $4.99, if you are interested Download Here and for iPad this Fantastical 2 costs around $7.99 Download Here.