Qubole making waves in Big Data world

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Qubole – making waves in big data world. The Bengaluru and US based big data company was founded in 2011 by Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma. The company developed cloud based platform for analysis and processing of data sets. Several products have been developed by Qubole used in many social media platforms.

The unique selling proposition of Qubole offers a platform that empowers developers and non developers to access big data generated by their organisations to gain insights at cost effective way. The platform QDS (Qubole Data Service) is a cloud based Hadoop as a Service provides an analytics solution. It also helps in removing expenditures involved in maintaining hardware by using cloud infrastructure of Google Compute or Amazon Web Services or Microsoft’s Azure.

Qubole started seeing high growth after QDS services were offered in Azure, customers were able to utilize full stack Hadoop environment in the cloud services of Azure Object Store making big data analysis more time and cost effective.


Qubole’s founded by Ashish Thusoo is Chief Executive Officer. He has very rich technical experience having worked with companies like Oracle Corporation and Identity Engines. Ashish was managing data infrastructure team of Facebook. He is one of the creator of Apache Hive, was founding Vice President of Apache Software Education. He is ex alumni of Indian Institute of Delhi. He holds Masters from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Qubole co founder Joydeep Sen Sarma was ranked 18th in Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam in 1992. He has been awarded consecutively with Network Appliance Engineering Excellence Award 2004 and 2005. Like Ashish Thusoo he is also ex alumni of Indian Institute of Delhi and holds Masters in Computer Science from University of Pittsburgh. Joydeep has diverse and rich experience in technical field. He has worked with software companies like Oracle Corporation, Network Appliance. He was the architect Yahoo’s in house recommendation platform. After successfully working in Facebook as Data Infrastructure lead contributed in various capacities until he founded Qubole which he is heading it now.

Qubole has very big clientele list from various segment of social media consists of Pinterest, DataLogix, AdIQuity, DataXu, Indix, Answers.com, Universal Music Group, Tube Mogul, MediaMath, Quora, My Fitness Pal, Capillary, Flipboard, TA Telecom, Black Book, DEMAND BASE, videoplaza, ImplementHIT, Sokrati, Merkle, 1010data, PubMatic, bloomreach, YouGov, Insightera, Komli Media, Quantdeck, yieldr, Saavn, Nextdoor and few others.


The company has received $20 million from 5 investors. Qubole received Series ‘A’ funding for $7 million in 2013 from Anand Rajaram, Chief Product Officer in OfficeDrop along with Venky Harinarayan, co founder of Junglee and Kosmix, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Charles River Ventures. Qubole received $13 million as Series ‘B’ funding from Norwest Venture Partners during December, 2014. The funding will be utilised to acquire more clients.

“Our mission is to help every company leverage Big Data to make a meaningful business impact. We are seeing extraordinary growth. This time last year, our clients were processing about 10 petabytes of data per month using Qubole” said Ashish Thusoo, after funding. He further added “We have seen tremendous adoption for self service platform and expect this to accelerate as our customers experience the credible business outcomes that occur when everyone can access, process and collaborate with cloud data.”

“Qubole is changing the Big Data conversation by tapping the power of public cloud to provide a simple, cost-effective solution that turns the complicated task of analysing data into a seamless everyday business process” said Rama Sekhar of Norwest. He further said “the Qubole team includes some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the industry who are committed to meeting the evolving data needs of enterprises.”


Recently in Jan 2015, Concurrent Inc, and Qubole announced partnership to allow Cascading users to easily deploy big data applications on an elastic, cost effective cloud platform. This partnership combines the power of Cascading, the most widely used and deployed application framework for building robust big data applications.

Qubole’s QDS platform and Concurrent Cascading framework simplifies the application development, data processing and exploration of Big Data. Simultaneously Cascading users can customise SQL queries using features of QDS.

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