Qualcomm developed a technology for Wireless charging phones with metal body



Qualcomm has announced that it had developed a technology, which will allow the metal body phone to charge wirelessly. Most of the sleek and slim smartphones come with metal body, the metal body causes problem for wireless charging. So by this technology, you won’t have to worry about wireless charging of smartphones with metal body. The company didn’t tell that how this tech will work, but this technology is designed to meet the Rezence standard and charge your devices wirelessly with same efficiency.

This new technology of Qualcomm is called WiPower and can be used to charge devices like tablets, smartphones and some other device with metal frames. The company will work with the company, who manufacture phones and will make sure that the metal body of the phones meets all the power requirements.

This new WiPower technology of Qualcomm is available from today to the companies, who want it. we can’t tell that how many company will want to use this technology, but according to the company this wireless charging technology is same as others, as it will charge the device at the same rate as other and also compatible with the Rezence standard.