Quadria Capital launches HealthQuad Fund for Healthcare Startups


HealthQuad is the latest fund launched by the founders of Quadria Capital Fund worth $10 Mn (INR 65 Crores) to focus on the healthcare sector.

HealthQuad is launched by the founders of the parent fund, Amit Varma and Abrar Mir. It plans to invest in early age startups in healthcare sector. For now, the fund will be leading or participating in pre series A or Series A rounds of funding.

In the next 4-6 quarters, the new fund is planning to invest in 8-10 startups, with a ticket size of approximately 1 million in all the startups. The main focus of the fund will remain on the healthcare solution providing startups working to strengthen productivity, affordability and accessibility to maintain or better innovation and patient’s health.

Quadria Capital is a Singapore headquartered fund with strong presence in India. It is regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore. It launched HealthQuad Advisors Private Limited in January this year, which has been registered as Category 1 alternative investment fund by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

The fund will focus on investment in healthcare sub-sectors like life sciences, healthcare delivery services, medical technology, smart health devices etc. It has raised $6 million in the first round from eight investors and according to Amit Varma, the first round of the fund will be closed within 3 months from now.