QCast music adds shared party playlist to your Chromecast


The main aim to develop the QCast music app is to make the people at parties make use of the host’s chromecast for everyone to get their trench by creating and sharing the group playlists. For this at least one person in the group need to have the Google Play Music all access account to serve as host for all others. QCast sends the tunes from your smartphone to the Chromecast and anyone can contribute a music track.

The person who is acting as the host connect to the Chromecast and through him other members can connect to the shared queue using this QCast app. It is not any handling any music licensing but it just plugs into the Google Play Music All access. Not only adding the songs to the queue but everybody can downvote the songs if they do not like them and if the majority of the downvotes is recieved then the song is automatically skipped.


How it works

For every party, it needs a host and that person who acts a host must have an access to all subscriptions and if the host once logged into the Google using the QCast music app and everyone can connect to the piggyback and Chromecast with one subscription. From there every user can simply search for the tracks and add them. The complete control of the playlist will be with the host and he retains the ability to control the volume and remove the songs from the queue.

The host hold the option to swipe the songs away to remove them from the playlist, skip to the next tack, volume control and everything.

Download QCast music from here.