Qais Quest for Windows Phone : A knightly platform Adventure game


Qais Quest is the amazingly animated game for the Windows Phone where you need to play the role of Qais, who is the lost knight finding the way to his home. The graphics look like Rayman series of games and the game play is like the traditional platformer style with many obstacles to jump, gems to collect and enemies to slay.

It is the multi-level platformer game with the rather minimalistic main menu. The main menu features the links to the settings, game’s Facebook page, link to the developer’s credits and link to the game play. The game currently features only one world which has thirty levels spread across five environments. Gaming controls are present on the gaming levels screen and help you to the correct portal. Settings are very brief with only ability to mute the sound.

How to play

It falls in line with the typical platformer styled game and in between you need to jump the series of hills and a few floating rafts to jump on to and an assortment of enemies to slash your way through. In between you need to collect the floating masks and gems. Qais don’t have the ability to double tap the jump button for the added height but can jump off the walls to gain the weight, but he can make use of the ability to jump from wall to wall to climb up cliffs.

Levels move up the ladder which includes an underwater sub, mine craft and a spaceship. After the fight is concerned, the game is rather easy going in this department. There are bosses to defeat in the game which provides a gaming challenge but the run of the mill minion goes down just with the single slash of the sword.


  • A true platformer game, where you can get the full control of your hero.
  • Five amazing worlds with unique gameplay with 30 long levels which will hook you for days.
  • Impressive hand drawn and 3D graphics.
  • Astounding visual effects and music.
  • Epic boss battles

The game is not free to download, you need to pay $1.29 to get this game. Visit the below link to download Qasi Quest.

Download Qasi Quest for Windows Phone