PS4’s new update brings Suspend/Resume option for games

By | March 16, 2015

The details of the next system update – version 2.50 – for PlayStation 4 has been confirmed by Sony, which adds the long-promised suspend/resume feature, a host of new accessibility options and 60 frames per second support for Remote Play and Share Play.

PS4 suspend/resume feature

Last week, when Sony Computer Entertainment sent an e-mail to PlayStation MVPs with some information on a new beta testing program for the update, details on PS4 system software 2.50 code-named ‘Yukimura’ leaked. Those using the firmware early reported that PS4 owners will soon be able to put the system into a sleep mode without closing open applications, then resume their game upon waking up the system. The suspend/resume feature was announced two years ago, when Sony first unveiled PS4, but it has taken so much time to be implemented in actual practice.

The new suspend/resume option will be supported by ‘nearly all PS4 titles,’ says SCEA director of product planning and software innovation Scott McCarthy. “When it’s time to log off, simply put your PS4 in Rest Mode and when you power up the next time, you’ll start your game where you left off,” McCarthy wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

The PS4 system software upgrade 2.50 includes some other new features too. It includes the option to upgrade a PSN sub-account to a master account directly from the console; the ability to search for PSN friends via a linked Facebook account; the ability to share video clips to Dailymotion; and Remore Play and Share Play at 60 fps.

Another two important PlayStation Trophy updates are part of the update. When a Trophy is earned, PS$ will automatically capture a screenshot and players can remove games from their trophy list that have zero% completion.

New accessibility options in version 2.50 include “include text to speech, enlarged text, bolder fonts, higher contrast UI, zoom for displayed pictures, invert colors on-screen and more.” Players will also be able to remap buttons on the DualShock 4 controller.

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