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By | February 4, 2015


PromptCloud – Big Data Crawlers focus web crawling and data extraction. The Bengaluru based SDF Technologies Pvt Ltd use Cloud computing offer DaaS (Data as a Service) platform.

PromptCloud offers large scale data extraction and crawl by using cloud computing techniques. The extraction may be categorised as Site Specific Crawl, Mass Scale Crawls, Twitter Crawl and Value Added Services. The solutions can be customized drilling down till per user basis, providing end to end data delivery solution and easy to use Data API access.

PromptCloud’s Site Specific Crawl offering positioned the company into enterprise space. The offering is classic web crawling model where data from any domain, site, schema, number of fields and data frequency feeds can be customised. Data will be converted into structured format.


Mass Scale Crawls are data partner when user can analyse content from diverse sources without much attention to record level details. Combining low level latency component data will be at user disposal at any given point of time based on list of keywords. The offering indexes all the data and makes it searchable via hosted indexing. Further this offering can provide Meta information such as links or domains which are active. It supports source discovery, fully automated extraction process and can be used in various monitoring on social media, brand and URL freshness checks.

Twitter Crawl uses logical combinations of the given keywords. These can be further filtered to specific categories and geographies based on the crawls or on hash tags or handles. The analysis can be downloaded with automatically with the help of data API.

PromptCloud’s Value Added Services has offers Hosted Indexing, Low Latency Crawls, Live Crawl and Named Entity Recognition. Hosted Indexing features user can store data as long they wish. In Low Latency crawl weeds out news and blogs which are old and stale. Live Crawl features fresh data available via search API with unlimited bandwidth and frequency. Named Entity Recognition classify element in crawled data and mark up your data within a record.

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The final data offered by PromptCloud is clean, structured and relevant. User can choose from multiple file formats such as .CSV, .XML etc or HTML dumps will also be provided. PromptCloud’s DaaS platform has been designed to accommodate any requirement at any scale for data from any verticals.

The company was founded in 2009 by Prashant Kumar is an Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur alumni. He started his career as Intern in Inria, became Senior Software Engineer in Yahoo and provided consultancy for Wisdom Tap which focuses on Machine Learning and infrastructure.

PromptCloud’s products and Market strategy is handled by Arpan Jha. She has done her Bachelor of Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology later did her Masters in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. She is certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance and she is an associate for SAP Financials.


Before joining PromptCloud, Arpan had worked as consultant with PwC, later she joined as Business Technology Analyst. In 2011 she joined KPMG as a consultant, worked in various roles like consulting on agile methodologies, pre sales support, business development and software processes.

The company has not been funded by venture capital has been bootstrapped has demonstrated their products in UnPluggd’12. PromptCloud has 10 member staff and planning to increase data offerings in future.

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