How to promote eCommerce store

By | July 4, 2014

eCommerce is currently emerging business all around the globe and there are so many new players are entering market. Starting the eCommerce store is very easy but it is very difficult to sustain with the heavy competition. In past days selling the products through brick and mortar is limited to yourself to the primarily to the local customer base. But in case of eCommerce business you need to offer the service to large customer base. Advertising eCommerce store is the main key to success in the eCommerce industry. If you don’t promote it the customer through out the worldwide can’t find it.



In my previous article I have discussed some ideas to promote your eCommerce store. Now here in this article I am discussing few points for how to promote eCommerce store.

Step 1 :

First step in promoting your eCommerce store is to apply Search Engine Optimization to your website and doing SEO makes it easier for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your website. Sprinkle the keywords relevant to your website to attract the search engines. The main thing you need to remember is don’t overuse JavaScript or Flash because search engines faces difficulty in seeing these type of contents.

Step 2 :

Maintaining the blog which relates to your eCommerce business is very important. Blogs are useful to share the latest updates and discounts of your site. For example, your eCommerce store sells gadgets, then write the review about the new mobile phones, cameras, laptops released and give the link of your eCommerce store there and if the visitor likes your post then he can visit your store and make some purchases.

Step 3 : 

Be active in the forums related to your eCommerce site and use your eCommerce site URL as your forum signature. Only some forums will allow to do so. Regularly keep participating in the forum discussions and tell other participants about your site.

Step  4 :

Next step is to add your website to the Google Places and other popular directories if your business has a physical office. If you are trying to attract the local customers then Google Places is the best place to do so.

Step 5 : 

Look for the bloggers and website owners who are writing related to your eCommerce business and contact the blog owner to link your website. In favor offer them in monetary terms, gifts or put their link on your site.

Step 6 :

Make use of the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook to share your eCommerce website and updates with offers. Social media is the most powerful now a days. Create a Facebook dedicated to your eCommerce site and encourage people to become your fans by giving some promotional offers and discounts. Keep in touch with the users in Twitter and tweet about your sales, updates and special offers related to your site.

Step 7 :

Create the pamphlets and business cards with your eCommerce store’s URL printed on them. Request the existing customers to their friends about your website and in exchange offer discounts on the future purchases.

Step 8 :

Buy Pay-per-click ads and these targeted ads appear in the search results. For example if anybody click on the ads they will visit your site and you pay the fee. Although it is quite expensive but effective.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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