Privacy Visor Glass to protect your face from Camera

By | August 10, 2015


Now a days, anyone can take pictures of anyone, as everyone has the smartphones with camera. This picture can be ended up any anywhere. So currently privacy has become a tough tasks, it is possible that your picture is taken without your knowledge. Today’s world everybody is a media person in a way, you can say, but now you don’t have to worry, as researchers have found a way to protect your privacy and fond the solution to this problem.

The National Institute of Informatics in Japan has found its solution and has developed the Privacy Visor, which is an eyewear Glass and will protect your face clicked from the camera. According to a report published on the Japan Real Time Blog of Wall Street Journal, this device stop the facial recognition of the camera from recognizing your facial features. This Privacy Visor comes with one single lens, which has angles and patterns on it. These patterns and angles stretches along the set of frames. This device works by reflecting and absorbing light, which stops the facial recognition of the camera from working properly. So this means that of anyone took the picture from camera and smartphones, they won’t get your face properly and this will stop your picture from sharing on various social media platform.

The National Institute of Informatics has tested the device and found that 90 percent of time, the camera and smartphones don’t get your face correctly, reports Japan Real Time. This new eyewear will cost $240 and will be available for purchase from June 2016. So this device will surely be useful, as we are living in the world of smartphones, so we all worry about our privacy. Facial recognition software use has been increasing day by day, it already being used by Moments app of Facebook and payment methods of Mastercard.