Printer made portable and pocket-friendly with Zuta


Another portable pocket-friendly gadget at CES 2015 is Zuta, the wireless printer that directly prints on the paper. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Yes, Zuta is one of the coolest and useful gadget from Kickstarter platform demonstrated at this year CES. The company claims that it is the world’s smallest portable printer that can print on any paper, anywhere.

Zuta pocket printer

Designed and built by the Israeli company start-up Nekuda the printer works on Bluetooth and wireless network when connected with smart phone, laptop or tabs. The pre-order price is $199 and is expected to go up when it hits the market later this year.

This tear drop shaped mini printer is 10cms in diameter and comes in two colors – white and black.  Being light-weighted and small sized are the USP of this robotic printer.  Though the printer is not very fast, it can print for an hour and can be recharged using the micro-usb. It can print up to 100 pages with a single cartridge. Extra cartridges could be bought from company’s online store.

Zuta is compatible with Mac and Android making it very user-friendly. It can be used at the places like coffee shops or hotels where traditional means of printing are not available. As adding cherry on the top, the printer won the Best of Innovation award at CES this year.

Yet, couple of things about this mini printer is still unclear. How does the printer align itself with the paper and also, does the printer print in colors apart from black? If it is the task of the person to align the printer with the paper is vague.